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Hear what happy patients are saying about Dr. Stockton:

Dr Stockton takes the time to listen to your concerns, and he also explains things in simple terms that are understandable. No gimmicks. After the first adjustment, I was actually surprised to how I felt. I’ve had neck problems for years, and recently started to experience lower back aches. It’s worth getting an assessment done. The xrays will tell it all!

Darlene C.

Dr. Stockton is very passionate about what he does and explains everything thoroughly. He never makes me feel like just another patient for the day, but rather takes the time to ask how I’m doing, feeling and truly concerned with my health!

Harumi E.
Dr. Stockton is amazing!

Originally went to him for constant headaches and neck pain. Now it’s been almost 2 years and I’m headache free!

He’s very knowledgeable, kind and patient. He always explains what’s he’s doing and why, gives me all kinds of stretches to do at home to help in between adjustments and always takes extra time if needed.

I highly recommend Dr. Stockton if you’re looking for a great chiropractor!

Alana B.
I woke up one morning with a stiff neck. I felt a pulling in my left arm and my fingertips started to tingle. Eventually, my left arm, hand, & fingers felt all prickly. A co-worker told me it sounds like you have a pinched nerve. I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Stockton- Best thing I ever did!!

Dr. Stockton was so friendly & VERY concerned with my well being! I was also impressed that he was very cautious& specific. He was very specific about what chiropractic care for do for me and more importantly what its limitations were. No false promises here!! If you’re the type that likes to ask a lot of questions, he will happily answer anything you ask and be totally up front with you.

After two weeks, the prickly feeling in my hand and fingers began to subside and the chronic pain in my neck was also starting to diminish. Now my arm and hand have no remaining tingling or any of that prickly feeling… none at all!!!

My many thanks for helping me feel normal again!!!

Lynn M.
I have deeply appreciated and benefited from your Chiropractic Care. The discomfort and pain that I had felt is, thankfully, something from the past that no longer bothers me. I am even more convinced that the time will come, soon I hope, that I will qualify to run the Boston Marathon and I can truthfully say that you have helped me achieve this goal.
Sean H.
Years had gone by since my pain started. I was at a point of no return in my life. I was barely able to walk. My right hip was in the wrong place so I used a cane and walked like a crab, kind of sideways. Each step was pretty painful, so I didn’t do much of anything all day and all night. I was ready to buy a scooter and that was that… A little powered wheelchair.

Dr. Stockton… What can I say but, of course you’re the greatest, you’re the best, and you have a sense of humor that makes my day!!! I smile more than ever. I lost it for a while, but now it’s back- thanks to you. Viva La Dr. Stockton!!!

I don’t need that powered wheelchair. He restored my power to be me again.

Thank you, Dr. Stockton, from the bottom and the top of my heart.

Jackie C.
Yo conocí al Doctor Stockton por de parte de mi abogado quien me refirió a la oficina. Cuando el doctor me enseño mis radiografías me sentí triste de ver todo el daño que tenia. Me dio gusto de oír que el Doctor Stockton me iba poder ayudar.

Cunado primero vine tenia mucho dolor. Batallaba para caminar de tanto dolor que tenia del accidente. Después de la primera semana de ajustamientos me empecé a sentir mejor. Ahora ya puedo agacharme y puedo caminar sin tanto dolor. No pude hacer esas cosas después del accidente. Especialmente con el dolor de mi rodilla y cadera. El dolor de mi brazo derecho ya se me ha menorado. Ahora ya puedo hacer cosas diarias que no podía hacer por el dolor como simplemente peinarme el cabello. Ya el dolor de mi cuerpo no es como lo tenía después del accidente.

Me siento mucho mejor gracias a Dios y Doctor Stockton.

Maria S.
I know I will look back at my visit to Dr. Stockton as a pivotal moment to understand my back issues and realize there was a much better way forward for my physical experience in life!

This practice is really different. He looked at my x-rays with me and formed a complete picture – both history and predictions. Dr. Stockton was excellent in his training and knowledge, as well as his thorough method which include lots of perceptive questions and patient listening. We discussed my symptoms, my medical history, my exercise, my day-to-day lifestyle, and my workplace ergonomics.

I highly recommend Dr. Stockton and his team to anyone who would like to improve the quality of their life and their health.

Rob G.

This was my first time seeing a chiropractor, Dr. Stockton was very informative, friendly, and helpful!

Tawny L.

Too bad there aren’t more stars for this exceptional doctor. He always takes time, makes me feel better (but rarely guilty for not being a regular patient). I always come away relieved and feeling great. This man is a true healer. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Gail de Rita

Found Dr. Stockton from a Groupon! I’ve always had back issues my whole life and have been to many chiropractors.  After seeing my xrays with Dr. Stockton, he explained to me about 4 curves I have in my spine. After my complimentary adjustments from my Groupon,  I decided to sign on as a patient. He cares about how I feel! Addresses my concerns. I don’t have insurance and I pay out of pocket. Dr. Stockton helped me work with my budget to get the care I need at a cost I can afford. He could have easily turned me away but instead he cared enough to help me afford what I greatly needed. You’ve got a patient for life! I go 3 times a week and I love these guys. Prompt appointments and the receptionist is always sweet and friendly. Thank you Dr. Stockton!

Melissa P.
In the last 33 years I have been through 6 chiropractors. I stopped going because I wasn’t getting much relief from my back pain. One year later I could hardly walk, so I decided to try again. We went to Dr. Stockton and in three sessions I was walking without pain. I couldn’t believe it! If you are thinking about trying chiropractic, you will NOT find anyone better than Dr. Stockton.
J.J. Westman
Dr. Stockton is wonderful! He’s friendly; he listens; he takes time with you and changes his routine to go along with what your problem is that week along with his usual care. Also, he doesn’t rush you out like you’re just a number on a list of appointments. I can’t say enough good things about him.
Gayle C.
Dr. Stockton is truly a great chiropractor! I’ve been to several chiropractors over the last 20 years & the level of care he gives his patients is top notch, well worth the money! I haven’t felt this good in a long time! Highly recommend him!!
Jennifer M.
Dr. Stockton is an excellent chiropractor. He has treated all the members of my family, including my young children. He creates a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that puts people of all ages at ease. More importantly, he really helped ease the pain and discomfort I experienced during pregnancy and after a somewhat traumatic birth experience. I highly recommend Dr. Stockton for any of your chiropractic needs.
Jessica A.
Dr. Stockton is a wonderful chiropractor. After suffering through neck and shoulder pain for too long to remember, I finally decided to try chiropractic. I was nervous at first but Dr. Stockton’s confident and personable manner put me at ease. I now see him for maintenance and I definitely notice if I miss a visit. It is remarkable to be able to move through life without that intense pain that I had somehow grown accustomed to. I only wish I had found Dr. Stockton sooner!
Jessica C.
Dr. Stockton is a gifted chiropractor. I work in the field of accounting and we tend to sit in front of a computer for a lengthy amount of time. It turns out that prolonged sitting is an occupational hazard! I paid him a visit after experiencing some serious lower back pain which had me stiff as a board. Dr. Stockton was able to diagnose and fix the misalignment of my back in no time. What separates Dr. Stockton from the rest is his passion to educate on posture and proper form for the office, he does an amazing job!
Jason S.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Stockton for years. I can happily say that I am so grateful I started chiropractic care. As a patient with Dr. Stockton I can count on going in, getting adjusted and having him answer any questions I may have. Recently, I suffered a muscle spasm on my neck and I knew right away I needed chiropractic treatment instead of seeing a doctor where all they would do was prescribe me pills. I was able to see Dr. Stockton, get adjusted, relieve the pain, and explain what was occurring in my neck. All while having gentle care! I have recommended him to my friends and even had my husband start visiting him as well. He’s friendly, efficient, caring and bilingual!!

H. Estrada
Prior to seeing Dr. Stockton, I experienced intense pain in my neck, shoulders, upper right back, and lower back. I suffered through this pain for years.

Dr. Stockton is extremely pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, and personable. I have been seeing Dr. Stockton for approximately 3 months and I can feel the difference in my agility, energy, and even my menstrual cramps. After each adjustment, Dr. Stockton explains to me how the adjustment went and what I can do outside of the office to facilitate the healing process.

Shanton T.
Dr. Stockton is an excellent Chiro!

I’ve been going to him for several years, and now he adjusts my wife and kids as well. He is patient, attentive, and good natured. Our boys love him!

My lower back pains (from constant driving) have gone away and he helps heal the constant sports injuries that I get. My wife has also had great relief from her upper back pains (breastfeeding / carrying the toddler).

Keep up the good work!

Leo S.