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Continuing care after recovery from an injury

Wellness Care (or as I like to call it- Maintenance Care) is really where all of us would like to be. This phase of care ensures that the integrity of your spine is supported and sustained. It is designed to prolong and maintain your improved spinal function, and consequently, your health. Your body is very complicated. Very few complicated things can function forever with optimal results without periodic maintenance. Preventative care is something that most people understand, but all too often neglect. Of course, if you have already corrected a problem, maintenance is essential. Even though you may be feeling better and functioning better than you have in years, damage to the delicate structures in your body is inevitable with most injuries. Damage to your body is healed with scar tissue, and is rarely “as good as new”. Proper chiropractic care can rehab an injury, but periodic check-ups can ensure you remain healthy and resilient. Like maintaining your car, your teeth, or your relationships, maintaining the integrity of your spine and nervous system is an ongoing process.


Regular “tune ups” can not only prevent the return of the original condition, but can catch small problems before they become more serious. Day to day activities, like work, play, and exercise put biomechanical stress on our bodies. We must continue to monitor the condition and health of your spine. Minor misalignments are detected and corrected before they are well established, and often before they are even symptomatic. Catching problems earlier will save time and money over the long run, but preventing them from becoming more serious. This improved function leads to better posture, increased stamina, reduced frequency and severity of injuries, as well as increased strength, speed, and agility. These benefits are not just good news for elite athletes, but for anyone who can fog a mirror. If you have a job, kids, hobbies, or pets, you can appreciate these changes as well. If you want to reach the higher shelves, pick up your (grand)kids, play golf, walk the dog, dress and bathe yourself, or do household chores like dishes, dusting, laundry, and yardwork, Maintenance Care is for you.

True Health

According to the World Health Organization, health is not merely the absence of pain or other symptoms, but peak performance on all levels- physical, mental, and social. More people are starting to be interested in a higher level of health. As a doctor I help my patients to not just merely prevent health problems or feel better, but assist them in fully enjoying life by being at their very best. True health is only possible with an optimally functioning nervous system, free from spinal interference. The end result is often more vitality, energy, endurance, and the capacity to live life to its fullest. Those who want the best add regular chiropractic care to their other health practices, such as exercise, good nutrition, dental hygiene, stress reduction, and other preventative measures.