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Whether you are a new or existing patient, our goal is always to give you excellent service and superior chiropractic care. All of our patients can expect to feel comfortable and appreciated. When you enter the office, you are greeted warmly. After completing some brief paperwork to help us focus on your conditions, the doctor will meet you.

Your consultation with Dr. Stockton will always be free, we never charge to talk to a doctor. A thorough examination will be performed to pinpoint the possible cause of your pain. If additional diagnostic imaging is needed, we have on site x-ray- No waiting required. Not every patient needs films, and those tests will only be ordered if necessary. After study and analysis, the doctor can make a diagnosis and explain, in plain terms, the cause of your symptoms. After evaluation, he can help you chose the best treatment option. If you have a chiropractic problem, and you chose to start care, you will be treated on the same day.

We realize your time is valuable. We strive to stay on schedule and give all our patients a comfortable experience. You should plan on spending an hour in our office for your first appointment. Follow up visits usually take 15 minutes or less.

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